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21st Annual Antiviral Therapy and Drug Resistance Meeting
Evolving Concepts in Antiviral Therapy & Drug Resistance

Date: Thursday 21 September 2017
Venue: Wellcome Collection, London

Resistance 2017

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Professional Profile

Mediscript provides medical educational literature to a broad spectrum of readership, which includes:

  • consultant specialists
  • general practitioners
  • pharmacists
  • medical representatives
  • nurses and patients

Mediscript also runs a complete conference organising division.

Mediscript also specialises in providing full marketing support via medical education.

Our services include: writing, editing, literature scanning,
abstracting, design, typesetting, artwork, print and production, translation and transcribing services, conference planning, door-to-door international freight & shipping, and fulfillment of mailing lists - UK and worldwide.



Mediscript was founded in 1984 to provide medical writing, reporting and editing services. Since then, Mediscript has evolved into a company which specialises in producing medical educational literature, offering full publishing and conference organising services. We have extensive experience of covering a wide range of therapeutic developments working with the pharmaceutical industry.

The bulk of our work has been supported by the pharmaceutical industry.



Educational Workshops

Mediscript is currently organising a series of educational initiatives in the field of HIV resistance testing and therapeutic drug monitoring in HIV patients. The series will be pitched at various levels of delegate participation, including consultants, specialist registrars and nurses. The first in the series was aimed at consultants and took place in London during November 2002.
For details of any forthcoming workshop, contact us via email or telephone.

Workshops specifically for nurses have also been conducted and more details of these are available.




Mediscript strives to bring its publishing activities into the 21st century utilising the new technology and multimedia facilities now available to us. In addition, Mediscript hopes to gain more ground in the field of commercial- and independent-publishing, specialising in health education material. We also aim to establish Mediscript as a major medical conference organising company, both nationally and internationally. In furtherance of these objectives, we would like to work closely with the government departments dealing with major health issues in the United Kingdom and the European community.



Client List

Our small but select group of clients include:

Hoffmann La Roche, worldwide & UK
Roche Products UK
GlaxoSmithKline, worldwide & UK
Merck Sharp & Dohme
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Aventis, worldwide & UK
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company, Japan
Health Development Agency
British HIV Association (BHIVA)
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Abbott Laboratories
National HIV Nurses Association

  Mediscript Services

Medical writing, editing, researching, literature scanning and abstracting, reporting from conferences, interviewing medical and scientific experts, full design, typesetting, print and production.


Medical writing and editorial expertise

The range of publications produced by Mediscript demands a wide spectrum of editorial expertise. Our editors and writers are qualified in a variety of scientific disciplines essential to handle the diversity of technical and scientific literature that Mediscript produces. In addition, we can provide expert scientific and medical input from a base of specialist consultants who act on our behalf.

We have extensive expertise in various therapeutic disciplines as listed below:

HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases*
Gastrointestinal disorders
Allergies: hay fever, asthma and eczema
Cardiovascular medicine
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

* In-depth knowledge and expertise.This editorial expertise enables us to produce literature at the various levels of readership, ranging from specialists to patients.


Researching, literature scanning and abstracting

At Mediscript, we carry out extensive research of the current published literature to ensure our information is topical, accurate and right-up-to-date. We have specialised in running abstracting journals and have created a unique format for the presentation of single-page abstracts.


Conference proceedings and reporting

Reporting from international conferences and symposia has been an integral part of Mediscript's publishing activities. Highlights from major conferences feature regularly in our journals. We report on the full proceedings and produce special reports from several events in the form of newsletters and bulletins including interviews with leading scientists and clinicians.

Conference/Symposia/Workshop Oganising Detail


Design and production

Mediscript provides the full publishing service of design, typesetting, artwork, print and production using the latest technology. A major attraction of Mediscript publications is the creative presentation of material. All our publications are designed to ease readership with the use of high quality visual and graphic elements wherever relevant. Our publications are printed attractively with economical use of colour.

Full-colour production is equally well undertaken as required. To keep pace with technology, Mediscript operates at all levels from copy to artwork, which can be produced in electronic format ready for printing.


Foreign language translations

Much of the work produced by Mediscript is for the European market. Translations into the four main languages, i.e. French, German, Italian and Spanish, are done regularly at Mediscript. We can also carry out translations into Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.